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Agenda for VS AGM 2018

January 18th2019 at The Firs, Lower Broadheath


Apologies: Vickie Lee

Minutes of last AGM were read out by MW and approved By JT, seconded by CN. All agreed.

Chairman’s Report; HW spoke warmly about our concerts and how she thinks VS’s playing improves. She mentioned the rapport we have with the audience and the benefits of introducing pieces. She welcomed Nicky and Joy as new playing members and read out some relevant bits of the Constitution reminding us of player’s rights. This led to a discussion about how players can share ideas with the C’ttee more successfully; a members area on the web-site, using WhatsApp and a simple suggestion box were discussed. The suggestion box will be in place immediately and a little more discussion is needed about WhatsApp.  DL volunteered to attend to a player’s area on the website. HW thanked all those who make specific contributions towards VS - Directing, arranging music, sorting and printing music, programme writing and printing, and Firs caretaking/tea-making. Richard to receive a token of thanks (DL to sort). HW mentioned that at some stage she will be leaving the area and we should start thinking about a new Chairman.

Secretary’s Report; MW had nothing to add except to thank HW for her services to VS over the years.

Treasurer’s Report (accounts already sent out). JT spoke about how the income from concerts is used, the Making Music fees, the poor income from Leominster (£100 rental fee of the Ballroom). She suggested that we increased the ticket price for the Firs from £10 to £12; this needs to be discussed with the Firs. AS suggested we give another £10 to HSO for music borrowed -approved. CF mentioned Croome Court, which is affiliated to the Firs, may be thinking of some sort of liaison with VS in the future. Accounts approved by AS, seconded by MW. All approved.

Re-election of C’ttee (no new nominations received)

Hilda Webb – Chair, proposed by MW, approved AS

Corinne Frost -MD, prop OB, seconded JJ

Megan Webb – Sec,  prop JT, seconded JJ

Janet Thomas – Treasurer, prop OB, seconded AS

Jennie Jones – Players Rep., prop NA, seconded CF

All approved.

Forthcoming Concerts

  1. The Firs April 6th

  2. Dulas Court June 30 th. MW explained that we need to finalise players as we have to ask the original players first (Sept. 2018 cancelled due to weather)

  3. Stanford – date tbd following their next C’ttee meeting at end of January

  4. Great Witley Church – charity/choral concert – December. Feelings about doing a charity concert at this time of year were mixed (inclement weather, facilities) and whether an audience would turn out in December. To be discussed further with Gt. Witley. (CF)

  5. St. George’s – due to retirement of certain personnel this is in question this year. (JJ)




Stoke ST. Milborough. CF and DL had received a request for a concert here in the summer. Further discussions needed about a 50/50 concert, CF/MW to communicate with them

20th Birthday Year!!! Ideas???

VS will be 20 in the Autumn; MW suggested we should celebrate this throughout the year.

MW mentioned doing a 2020 concert with Eleanor Percy (pupil of Angela’s) in Christ Church Malvern (Haydn concerto). Fee = £200 – probably covered by extra ticket sales as she has a following there, but MW willing to research a subsidy locally.

MW had researched accommodation in Barmouth (as noted in AGM minutes 2017/18) and came up with 3 options averaging players a cost of about £70 for 2 nights. The idea was well received and MW to discuss further with C’ttee.

Other suggestions included a meal or or a garden party. Clubbing dismissed as at 20 we’re too old.

AGM ended at 10.07pm

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