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"It was a most delightful concert, with a very good, well-balanced programme that went down well with our audience.....Perhaps the highlight of the evening was your performance of the Mendelssohn, with Janine Smith at the Piano. The buzz and excitement in the interval being ample proof of the pleasure this gave to those lucky enough to have been in the Church on Saturday." 

Graham Smith, Wollaston Local and Live Concert July 7th 2012

Thank you very much for the wonderful  concert last night at Great Witley Church. It was pure music all the way!  I was standing at the door as people were leaving and everybody was enthusing about hearing such lovely playing in such a beautiful setting. Thanks to you all. Here's to the next time!

John Jenkin, Great Witley  18 September 2011

The concert at St. John in Bedwardine was well presented and visually pleasing, Volante Strings is a versatile string orchestra which played music from the Baroque Period through to the twentieth century with ease and a discerning grasp of style. The orchestra is all the more pleasing to watch for its dependence not on a conductor but on the musical skills of its fifteen players to listen and respond together to the ebb and flow of the music. Under the leadership of Kathy Holmes but with input from all players, the ensemble is tight and the tuning impeccable.
The concert started with Vivaldi’s  String Concerto in D minor; this music is bread and butter to Volante Strings and it flies along with a fine string tone and well graded terraced dynamics. Grieg’s Holberg Suite was complementary and started with some crisp playing in the Prelude followed by the nicely balanced lush harmonies of the sarabande. The orchestra captured the fluent lines of the Air and the Rigaudon presented some excellent contrasts between sections. It was good to hear some music from Avison, a lesser- known northern contemporary of Handel and we heard some stylish playing from Graham Longfils and Josie Bedford-Davies as soloists.
Arensky’s Variations featured much attention to fine detail in its phrasing, articulation and dynamics; particularly enjoyable was the beautiful and expansive cello solo played under an intricate accompaniment.
The group is indeed lucky to have several arrangers/composers and Graham Gunter’s arrangements of some Shostakovich piano preludes were a nice addition to the programme. Bob Thomas’ Worcester Brawls Remixt is an excellent mixture of dances past and present, and was played with verve and relish providing an exciting and witty conclusion to a very enjoyable summer afternoon of music.
Rob Porter  June 2011

At their second visit to St. Edburga's Church,  Volante Strings presented a beautifully polished recital of music of a less well known character including Avison, Arensky and Dag Wirén. More familiar were pieces by Grieg (The Holberg Suite) and a Trio Sonata for two cellos masterfully played by Corinne Frost and Hilary Summers.
Reference was made to Sir Edward Elgar and his involvement in the locality. It was therefore most appropriate for the orchestra to play part of the delightful suite from his one and only attempt at comic opera - The Spanish Lady.
The good sized audience rightly showed their appreciation for a delightful evening.

Bruce Tasker, Bransford

Corinne Frost's cello solo Forvantan by Sven Fridolfsson was entrancing. She produced the most glorious tones as her cello embraced the music's wonderful melodic line. She soared to the highest register, then plunged the depths in a rich continuous thread of cantabile sound. Accompanying Corinne's ravishing playing were the Volante's harmonious strings, realizing the sumptuous Swedish music. Jill Hopkins, Worcester,

"Thanks for making this week end visit a real treat for me. I think you all did some really excellent playing in the concert and I certainly enjoyed playing those wonderful concertos together!"  Charles Owen, March 2009

'I see Volante Strings as a touch of home,  a vehicle for Elgar and his country. They have an extremely wide repertoire and their concerts have something for everyone in the audience'.
Clifford Owen, priest-in-charge of Oostende and Brugge.

A packed house enjoyed an outstanding evening’s entertainment in the new theatre at the Elms School, Colwall on Saturday 5 March. Inspired performances by Volante Strings and piano soloist Carl Attwood produced music of the highest standard. This was a truly memorable evening and also the best possible launch of the local Macmillan Centenary celebrations.

Graham White Colwall and Ledbury Macmillan Cancer Support March 2011

A full house enjoyed a splendid concert given by Volante Strings at Kinlet Hall on 17th of May....  Particularly well received were Joanne Jefferis and Corinne Frost, who played a concerto for two cellos by Vivaldi. Volante Strings won over their audience with the warmth of their playing, and we look forward to the orchestra's return.

Francis Engleheart, The Kinlet Newsletter May 2008

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